Sprinklers are an intergal part of any Evaproative Cooling System. Sprinkler heads are offered in two general variations to cover both linear applications, as well as large open areas.

Evaporative cooling works by sprinkling water droplets onto the cow's back and then moving air over her to help the water evaporate and dissapate heat away from her body.

Seneca offers an Evaporative cooling option for the feed line, as well as an option for cooling your herd in your holding areas.

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Specifications and Details

Evaporative Cooling Specifications and Details

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Please remember that information contained within this page is intended only as a guide. Our examples demonstrate only a couple of the infinite number of possible layouts and situations. Please call us for help with your specific site configuration design.

Linear Systems - Feed Line
360° Systems - Holding Areas
Filter, Valve & Pressure Reducer Kit

Information contained herein is intended as a guide. Call Us for specific site configuration design.