Proper ventilation is essential for regulating temperatures and maintaining air quality. Whether it's cross or tunnel ventilation you're looking for, Seneca Dairy Systems has the solution for you. We offer a full line of Aerotech and Schaefer fans and recently added EBM EC Axial fans to our line-up. Call us for details on our complete fan offering. Our experienced staff can help you find exactly what you need. 

 Looking for an easier way to ventilate? Ask us about our automated systems to better regulate temperatures and save energy.


Aerotech Panel Fans

36" & 51" Diameter
Simple Design
Excellent performance value
Ideal for circulation in main freestall barns and in holding areas.

EBM EC Axial Fans - HyBlade

50" Diameter
Heavy-duty Variable speed fan
Low pressure/high volume
Ideal for freestall barns
and holding areas

Tunnel Fans

48" - 55" Diameter
Ideal for tunnel
& cross flow.

Mounting Hardware

Seneca Dairy Systems offers several different mounting options for almost every situation. Please visit our Hardware page for all available options.


Fan specs for use when applying to NYSERDA for tax breaks.

Fan Maintenance Sheet for Aerotech Fans. - Munters

EBM 50" EC Axial Fan Specs and Comparison literature.