The Value of Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation is essential for regulating barn temperatures and maintaining good air quality for your herd. Ventilation and barn temperatures also have a direct effect on cow comfort. Get it right and you could see a substantial increase in milk yields. Get it wrong, and not only will your bottom line suffer, but heat stress could adversely affect the health of your herd.

One key component of any good barn ventilation system is its fans. A fan’s primary job is to keep quality, clean air flowing through the barn. Fans also direct the airflow to the places where clean, cool air is needed most. 

Typhoon Power Fans

SENECA Typhoon Power fans are an efficient, reliable addition to any ventilation system. SENECA fans utilize the latest innovations in Electronically Commutated (EC) motor technology and blades manufactured with precision to deliver awe inspiring, unforgiving power. Best of all, Typhoon Power fans are competitively priced. 

Why Typhoon Power?

Typhoon Power Panel Fan
  • Direct Drive - No belts and No pulleys means virtually No maintenance.
  • Heavy-Duty Fabrication - Panel Fan frame made from 12ga steel to stifle vibration. Tunnel fans mounted on a fiber reinforced poly (FRP) shroud.
  • Precision Steel Blades - Stamped steel blades for high performance and power.
  • Single or Variable Speed - Choice of power inputs as well as fixed or variable speed, thanks to Seneca’s new Electronically Commutated (EC) motors and innovative ventilation controls.
  • High-Efficiency Output - Typhoon Power FLEXI-FORCE variable speed motors are more efficient than their leading competitors.
  • Air Optimization - Optimizing air output with a Typhoon Power EC motor uses less electricity than leading competitors.
  • Affordable - Typhoon Power Fans are already priced competitively, but lower parts and labor costs, along with the added energy savings make Seneca the clear choice!
  • Energy Savings Grants Available - Many models qualify for energy saving grants. Check with your Energy Company to learn more.
  • Manufactured in the USA - Proud to be Made in the USA!

TP Panel Fan on the Feed Line

Panel and Circulation Fans

The Typhoon Power Panel Fan is a Direct Drive circulation fan that requires no pulleys or replacement belts. Their heavy-duty framework is constructed of 12ga hot dip galvanized steel and are available in multiple sizes and power input variations.

Regardless of style or size, every Typhoon Power Panel Fan can be ordered with a single speed induction motor or a FLEXI-FORCE variable speed EC motor. Check with your sales representative to learn which models and variations are stocked and which are custom order.

Typhoon Power Panel Fan

Direct Drive System


Tunnel Fans

Just like our Panel Fans, the Typhoon Power Tunnel Fan is a Direct-Drive fan that is virtually maintenance-free, since it has NO pulleys or belts to rear out or go bad. The shroud and cone extensions are comprised of a Fiber Reinforced Poly material for a strength, durability and longevity.

Typhoon Power Tunnel Fans are also available in multiple sizes and power inputs. Choose from a single speed induction motor or a FLEXI-FORCE variable speed EC motor.
Please Note: Not all sizes and models are stocked and may need to be custom ordered. Check with your sales representative.

FLEXI-FORCE Motor Control

FLEXI-FORCE, short for Flexible Force or Power, utilizes IE5 Technology for optimal energy efficiency. It is similar to Variable Speed, except that it does not require a traditional Variable Frequency Drive (VFD).

Instead, the SENECA ITC (Individual Temperature Controller) measures the temperature at each individual fan and reacts to the conditions at that specific point in the barn, rather than a centralized measurement for multiple locations. Each individual fan operates at its own speed, depending on the conditions at the fan.

FLEXI-FORCE fans feature a Soft Start for better energy efficiency and less stress on your power supply.



Take comfort in knowing your cows are comfortable, thanks to the high-performance and dependability of your Direct Drive Typhoon Power fans!

Say goodbye to tattered belts and cheap pulleys that seize up or fall apart months after you install them. With Typhoon Power’s Direct Drive system you’ll never worry about costly downtime and maintenance again.

The Cost of Bad Pulleys and Belts

Pulley bearings go bad and belts wear, and when (not if) they do, the cost is much more than just that of the replacement parts. You have to figure in time and labor to install them. Additionally, during the time when your fan stops and when you can get it running again, air movement within the barn will be decreased. Insufficient air  circulation in your barn increases the risk of Heat Stress, which will adversely affect your bottom line.

Typhoon Power Fans are Direct Drive and NEVER use pulleys or belts making them virtually hassle and maintenance free!

Mounting Hardware

Seneca Dairy Systems offers several different mounting options for almost every situation. Please visit our Hardware page for all available options.