Mattress Systems

About the Huber Soft Bed 4GS System
Huber Mattress Systems are manufactured by Huber Technik GmbH & Co. in Erding, Germany.

The 4GS top cover arrives as a seamless roll of reinforced non-vulcanized rubber. It earned a ++ rating in DLG Fokus Testing, and some of the highest DLG Fokus Test scores of ANY competitor. The 4GS tested 6 times stronger than rubber top covers made in China. (read more on the DLG FOKUS Test below)

The secret to the Agglorex Aggrofoam inserts is the combination of soft PU-foam and latex foam and their open cell structure. These are the same materials used to ensure comfort in quality foam mattresses, automobile seats, upholstered furniture and gymnastic & sporting mats.


Who is DLG?
Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft (DLG), or The German Agricultural Society is one of Europe’s most recognized, independent product testing organizations. DLG prides itself on being politically and financially neutral and sets the standard for product rankings, with “++” being the highest score. The image to the right shows the 4GS being subjected to the DLG FOKUS TEST for deformability.


What is the Fokus Test?
The Fokus Test serves to differentiate products (by specific product properties) and highlight innovations. Test quality criteria are developed for each product, such as strength, durability, elasticity, compression, performance and/or quality of workmanship.

7 Reasons to choose the Huber Mattress System

The Huber Mattress System was designed with cow comfort in mind. Its ultra-strong 4GS rubber top cover is interlaced with fibers that decrease elasticity. This helps the mattress maintain its shape and form, which will increase the mattress’ longevity. The Agglorex foam pad beneath the top cover is a 50/50 polyurethane/latex foam blend that creates a soft, comfortable surface relative to the weight of the cow. This combination of Agglorex foam pad and 4GS rubber top cover provides the ultimate cow comfort system.

The Agglorex polyurethane/latex foam blend underlay used in this system is significantly stronger and more durable than the polyurethane rebond foam used by other manufacturers. This underlay, paired with the ultra high tensile strength of the 4GS rubber top cover provides a durable and form-stable surface that will provide years of comfort for your cows.

Whether you are outfitting an entire barn or just renovating a few stalls, our price point per cow is very competitive with other mattress systems.

When installed properly, the Soft Bed 4GS Mattress System is virtually maintenance-free.

The Soft Bed 4GS Mattress System has a very high insulation value. The padding beneath the seamless rubber top cover is an open-cell product which provides an outstanding insulation barrier. The Soft Bed 4GS Mattress helps your cows retain their body heat and prevents cold transfer through the top rubber cover during the colder months.

The 4GS rubber top cover of the Huber Mattress System offers a high level of protection against moisture absorption, resulting in a dryer mattress system. The dryer mat will lower cell count and cases of mastitis.

Combined with a thin layer of bedding, the Soft Bed 4GS Mattress System promotes exceptional herd health. Cows will lay in stalls longer, resulting in more rest, higher milk yields and less hock abrasion.

Mattress System Installation
Installation is very straight forward. Once the mats and plastic covering are laid out on the bed area, they are secured by anchoring the rugged top cover to the concrete. The cover is held in place using special 1/4" stainless steel anchor spikes and fender washers, shown at left. Care must be taken to locate the anchors far enough from the edge of the curb in order to prevent breakout. For more information on installation, check page 4 of Seneca's Huber Mattress System literature.