Gates & Panels

Gates are a crucial part of cow management. Properly functioning gates placed in the right location will save time and money. Seneca believes that gates should be part of the initial planning for every project.

We design our gates and hardware with functionality and longevity in mind. From standard designs to innovative fold-up and swing style gates, we have the right closure for every opening.


  • Vertical gate ends are 2” x 2” x 12 gauge galvanized square tube steel.
  • Standard gate horizontal bars are 1.900 x 13 gauge galvanized round tube.
  • Reinforced with a hinge bushing. Hinges don’t come loose or crush the bar when tightened.
  • Available in both standard and custom sizes and styles.
  • Innovative Fold-Up and Swing Gates provide safer and easier cow management.
    (See  below for all gate styles)
  • Heavy-duty hardware for a variety of mounting options.
  • Systems are designed and installed by professionals.
  • Standard styles and sizes are always in stock.

These sizes are available anytime
  • 2’ 6” through 4’ in 6” increments
  • 4’ 3” through 15’ 9” in 3” increments
  • 16’ or larger sizing in 6” increments

(left) Heavy-duty threaded bolt gate hinge and weld-on hinge pin.
(right) Reinforced hinge bushing to maintain gate integrity.


Gates are sized on the opening they fit in. Follow these steps to be sure you get exactly what you need.


  1. Decide whether it will be face mounted or in between posts?
  2. Determine the rough opening.

That's It! Our Universal Latches eliminate the need to decide which way your gate opens. You can determine that later.


Standard & Man Pass Gates

Standard & Man-Pass Gates
These are not your average gates! Seneca gates are designed and built to last... No Exceptions.


  • All of our 4 and 5 bar gates are made with galvanized steel. 2”x2” 12 gauge ends and 1.900 13 gauge round tubes.
  • All gates over 10’ have center supports.
  • Standard nipple for latch is 1.900 x 12 gauge galvanized steel.
  • Universal latches allow you to decide open direction at installation.
  • Man-pass gates feature a large 1’ x 5’ opening for easy passage.
Extension Gates & Panels
Fold Up Gates
Bi-Fold Gates
Swing Gates
Wide Exit One Way Gates
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