Ventilation Controls


Good ventilation and fresh, clean air are paramount to the success of any dairy operation. However, even the finest made curtains and best Fan & Sprinkler systems are only effective if they are consistently opened and closed, or turned on and off  with changing environmental conditions.

Seneca has developed some innovative solutions to help you get the most out of your ventilation systems and your investments. 



Captain 6 Ventilation Controller

Good airflow in a dairy barn is important. But almost equally important is knowing when to slow it down or turn it off alltogether. The Captain 6 will monitor your barn temperature and adjust your fans accordingly, without the need to make manual adjustments.

With 6 total outputs, the Captain 6 can control your variable speed (frequency) fans as well as those with a simple on/off switch.

The Captain 6 is also perfect for controlling your evaporative cooling (sprinkler) systems as well!



Knowing that a curtain system must consistantly adjust to environmental conditions, it is realistic to imagine that the curtains on the side of your Dairy barn should be opened and closed several times a day, based on rising and falling temperatures, the presence of a brief but intense passing storm, and a period of high winds forecast for later in the day.

Seneca offers a complete line of 90 volt motorized controls, from manual powered to complete curtain automation; automatically adjusting your curtains based on differences in temperature inside and outside the barn. Seneca Automation also adjusts your curtains based on wind speed & direction and input from multiple rain sensors. No tiring cranks and no costly labor!

90 Volts of DC Power!

Seneca is changing the way farmers think about barn curtains. For years, the industry standard for barn curtain motors was a 24v DC system. In fact, it still is. With the average dairy farm size increasing every day, so is the average barn size. Larger barns translates to longer curtain runs, requiring more power and higher torque to open and close them.

Seneca's lightweight, high torque
90 volt DC motors.

In 2015, Seneca tasked its R&D team with developing a better system to handle our already heavy duty curtains on these much longer runs. We toyed with 120v AC, however in order to reach the high torque needed to roll the curtains, the motor had to weigh in excess of 40 pounds, which put a great deal of strain on the curtain fabric.

The answer came in the form a powerful, 90v DC motor that weighed in at just over 9 pounds.

From there, Seneca  perfected barn curtain operation through the use of heavy duty, lightweight extruded aluminum keder tube, coupled with our unique 90v DC motors. This powerful combination delivers the high torque  needed to open and close a 400 foot curtain run in one smooth and even motion.

Please note that Seneca 90v DC systems are not compatible with 24v DC systems.

MC-10 Master Controller

MC-10 Master Controller

The MC-10 Master Controller will allow you to monitor and control all the TC-4s in your barn from one centralized location. When placed near an entrance door, the Seneca MC-10 will save you time and hassle checking or manually adjusting your curtains at every pocket. In addition, the MC-10 can monitor wind direction and speed, as well as global rain-sensing. The sleek color touchscreen makes data entry a breeze! It displays live data related to your curtain settings and the surrounding environment. Also, the newest feature of the MC-10 gives you dual ventilation control for fans & curtains.



Opening or closing a single curtain on your barn with a traditional hand crank could take several minutes. Multiply this by the number of barns you have, with an average of 4 curtains per barn and you are looking at an hour or more for a single open or close sequence. Not only is this not cost effective, but by the time you get to the last barn, the bedding could be blown away or saturated with rain, not to mention that the weather conditions may have changed again, creating the need to open them all again.

Seneca's powerful 90volt motors will provide the brawn to continuously and effortlessly open and close your curtains. Our innovative electronic controllers will provide the brains needed to monitor the surrounding environment and weather conditions to decide which curtains need to be opened and which need to be closed, in order to provide the most comfortable setting for your herd.

So, Don't be Cranky, running around trying to manually crank your curtains open and closed all day. Call Seneca for more information on how we can save you time and money, while keeping your cows more comfortable and producing more milk!

M-4 Manual Controller

M-4 Manual 90v Motor Controller

The Seneca M-4 is a little package that satisfies a big need. This manual curtain controller will illiminate the need to ever hand crank your curtains again!

This 90v DC motor controller plugs into your everyday 120v AC power outlet and will manually control up to 4 motors in both forward and reverse. The M-4 features two resettable circuit breakers for added safety and convenience.

The M-4 is the perfect unit if you want to motorize your curtains, ending the labor intensive hand cranking, but aren't quite up to a fully automated system. Once you have the Seneca M-4 and the 90v system setup, the automation upgrade is a snap, should you decide to make your barns fully automated in the future.

TC-4 Temperature Controller

TC-4 Automated Temperature Controller

The new Seneca TC-4 Automated Temperature Controller is a freestanding, independent unit that collects its own weather logic. The TC-4 processes the logic and adjusts the curtains at that location, independently from other locations. These independent actions give you full AREA CONTROL over your system.

One TC-4 can control up to eight motors, each one or all curtains to open and close to keep perfect temperature balance.

As a KEY component in barn ventilation, the Seneca TC-4 will transform your barn curtain walls. With a large water-resistant touch screen, the TC-4 is easy to set up and troubleshoot. Sit back and relax while the curtains automatically adjust to optimize cow comfort and safety in the barn.

Wind direction and speed can be measured by a wind anemometer and sent to the TC-4. Adding a rain sensor (left) will also report the presence of precipitation to the TC-4, which will measure and calculate the data to determine whether or not the curtain needs to be closed on one side of the barn or another due to blowing rain. The TC-4 also has a Bedding Saver feature which will close button curtains whenever wind gusts threaten to blow bedding out of the stalls.

Wind Anemometer

Since the motor has limited switches the TC-4 will continue to operate the curtains even in an encoder failure. There will be an error reported on the screen. The curtains will simply revert to a timed move and use the limit switches.

The new Seneca TC-4 is the Temperature Controller of the future!