Waterers – Ritchie

Seneca Dairy Systems stocks a wide variety or Ritchie Livestock Water Systems.
Ritchie systems are polyethylene construction and are designed with animal safety in mind and are built to last. Like our Stainless Steel Seneca Tip Tanks, every Ritchie waterer will resist corrosion and a
ll of their fountain systems meet Grade A dairy recommendations.



Ritchie OmniFount Family 

  • Easy to maintain
  • Large access panel
  • 304 stainless steel trough for guaranteed long life
  • Fast refill, reliable Ritchie valve
  • Built in anchor pocket, mounts securely to concrete pad
  • Heating elements directly under stainless steel trough for exceptional performance Cable heater provides extra valve and supply line protection

OmniFount Install Instructions

Omni 1
Omni 2
Omni 3
Omni 5
Omni 2 Special
OmniMaster 8

Ritchie WaterMaster Family 

  • Solid polyurethane foam insulation keeps water ice-free longer in winter, cooler in summer
  • Easy access to all service areas
  • Unique water seal keeps cold air away from valve
  • Quick refill valve allows a lower storage volume for fresher water
  • Built in anchor pockets and overflow
  • Built for rugged feedlot, pasture and dairy conditions
  • Constant flow available on all models
  • Immersion heater and self regulating heat cable available for freezing conditions

WaterMaster Install Instructions

WaterMaster 54
WaterMaster 90
WaterMaster 1200

Ritchie CattleMaster Family 

  • New, easy access dome cover
  • Unique water seal keeps cold air away from valve
  • Electric heat standard; attached directly under the trough for maximum performance
  • Cable heater provides extra valve and supply line protection
  • Trough and hardware are 304 stainless steel for durability and long life
  • Install using the same concrete pad and drain-out configurations as the CattleMaster 48, 84, and 144
  • Fully adjustable thermostat

CattleMaster Install Instructions

CattleMaster 480
CattleMaster 840
CattleMaster 1440

Part # 1W01072

The Ritchie OmniMaster 8 is an 8' long stainless steel lined waterer that boasts the same great Ritchie toughness of the original CattleMaster, but features a center fill for easier placement in Dairy Barns.

With a quick flush drain on each end, cleaning the OmniMaster 8 will be a breeze and the stainless liner will eliminate scarring from the cow's tongue, typical of other poly waterers.

The heating elements are built into this waterer for greater convenience in those colder climates. In fact, the non submersible heaters are fastened to the underside of the stainless tank, protecting them from water, debris and the elements, so they will long outlast their submersible counterparts!



Immersion Heater kit
Immersion heaters have a 1 year warranty. They are constructed of teflon coated aluminum and feature an internal thermostat and high limit safety fuse.
250W - Part #1W00300
500W - Part #1W00310
220V 500W - Part #1W00315

834 Insulated Heat Tubes
Highly insulated tube shields incoming ground water from cold as it passes through the frost level.
Outside Dimensions - 14" x 30" and 2" Insulation
Weight - 18lbs.

Part #1W00340

1/2" Replacement Valve
Green: 60-80 psi / 1.45 gpm
             Part #1W01500
Red:    40-60 psi / 3.4 gpm
             Part #1W01490
White: 5-40 psi / 4.8 gpm
             Part #1W01510

3/4" Replacement Valve
Green: 60-80 psi / 16.5 gpm
             Part #1W01410
Red:    40-60 psi / 20 gpm
             Part #1W01400
White: 5-40 psi / 33 gpm
             Part #1W01420