G4 Lockups

For years Seneca has provided quality and durable products that you have come to expect. We understand that great lockups provide a comfortable place for your cows to eat while offering you a solution to manage individual or groups of cows.

Seneca Dairy Systems is a leader in the Dairy Industry. Through innovative product design and leading-edge technology, Seneca is offering solutions to tomorrow's progressive dairy needs today. We are committed to providing a quality product of excellent value to help farmers maintain a happier, healthier herd while delivering higher milk yields and lower vets bills.

From heavy components and noise-reducing hardware, our new G4 model helps prolong life with no steel-on-steel wear and tear. With low maintenance and minimal moving parts, there is less likelihood of parts breaking down. 

The G4 lockup is highly versatile with a wide design for comfortable, safe entry and exit. When the cows are finished eating, one simple lever releases the entire row. If you wish to hold one, two, or more, simply flip the lever above each animal and release the rest with one turn of the lever. The locking mechanism remains motionless in an unlocked position, reducing wear and noise, thanks to an oversize rubber bumper. The G4 lockup lifts the stress off your cows while you assess health and wellness.

G4 Series Lockup Features

  • Heavy duty design for greater longevity.
  • Internal locking feature eliminates the risk of injury and delivers an instant lock when the cow enters the feed area.
  • Functions well with once a day feeding.
  • All counter weights are recessed, eliminating tractor damage.
  • Auto return swing arm feature.
  • On board, individual retention feature eliminates the need to carry pins that could get lost.
  • Individual release function from the back or front.
  • The G4 is the quietest lockup in the industry.
  • Maxi-flex control pipe. Designed to easily operate long rows even when the lockups are not perfectly aligned.
  • Designed to mount uphill or downhill, up to 6% in some installations, and level or tipped forward.
  • Handle can be mounted in any location in the run.
  • Enlarged bottom release opening for down cows.
  • All Hot dip galvanized construction.
  • Special locking design allows reaching over the lockup with less risk of releasing the cow.
  • Many clamp on options for easier mounting in the optimal position.
  • Heavy duty hinge bolt with ultra-heavy bushing for the swing arm.
  • Swing arms have encapsulated bottoms eliminating neck collars getting caught on the swing arm during use.
  • Extra filler bars keep the cows head in the correct opening and eliminates stealing of feed.
  • Locking mechanism is protected from the cow to eliminate self-releasing.

Over-sized rubber bumper on every swing arm for whisper quiet return.


Auto reset the entire row with one movement after using the individual retention feature.


Individual cow retention lock has no pins. Lock and release mechanisms are fully integrated for convenience.


Reinforced swing arms to ensure decades of use with minimal wear.


1 STYLE - 5 Different Sizes

The G4 Series Lockup comes in 1 style. The Standard model frame is fabricated using heavy-duty HDG 2"X2" 11ga square tubing and HDG 1-1/2" schedule 40 pipe. Each model has an adjustable head/neck opening for greater cow comfort and versatility, and comes in a large variety of stock lengths.

Animal Sizing Chart
Mounting Specs