Lockups – EXL Series

Meet the SENECA EXL Lockup

SENECA is more than just an equipment supplier; we are a partner with those who put their trust in us. When our customers  succeed, so do we.
SENECA listened to the concerns and needs of our customers and designed a new lockup that combines old school simplicity and reliability of with innovative technology of today to create what is arguably the most practical headlock in the industry, The EXL Lockup!

 Series Lockup Features

  • Auto Swingarm ReturnEXL Swingarms are perfectly balanced so they auto return every time.
  • Simple Handle - The EXL handle is easy to use. It can be mounted in any location between locks. Additionally you can see if a section is locked from across the barn by its handle position.
  • Tamper Resistant - A protective anti-tamper guard covers the top locking mechanism to keep cows from unlocking another cows headlock.
  • Easy “TAP” Release – No levers, tabs, or catches to fuss with. Just tap the top flipper for release.
  • *Optional Removable Adjustment Bars – Locks can be adjusted to fit every size animal in multi-use barns.
  • Super Easy Installation - EXL’s classic & simple overall design makes it a breeze to install and use.

*Default style is fixed width

Easy Tap/Release paddles on top of the headlock, protected by the anti-tamper guards which cover the locking mechanism.

Simple and highly visible red handle signals a locked section.

Comfort for Her, AND for You

The SENECA EXL Lockups were designed with comfort in mind. Cow comfort; to ensure a more stress-free experience for your herd which will mean higher milk yields. And Your Comfort; the comfort in knowing you have made a sound investment in a SENECA product that will provide many years of injury-free and reliable operation.

Dual rubber silencers ensure a quiet swingarm open and return.

Encapsulated lower swing arm guards to protect curious cows from getting their heads stuck in lower openings.

Unparalleled Comfort and Safety

  • Ultra-Quiet Swingarm Return - Dual Rubber Silencers on swingarms ensure a quieter barn.
  • Down Cow Safety - Enlarged bottom release openings provide added safety for down cows.
  • Blocked Lower Access - Encapsulated lower swingarm guards eliminate snagged neck collars during use.
  • Wide Opening - Ergonomically designed yolks maximize the available head opening and will not bind with adjacent swingarms.
  • Offset Bushings - Eliminate cow neck irritation caused by rubbing on the T bar.

Quality and Longeity

  • Ultra-Heavy DesignEXL 20% Heavier = 2x life
  • All Hot-Dip Galvanized Construction.
  • Double Bushings – Reduce swingarm and pivot-bolt wear ensureing longer life. Cinch bolts tighter to avoid loosening swingarms.
  • Reinforced Construction - Rods are inserted (full penetration) and welded for added strength, as opposed to simple butt joint welds.
  • Sleek Design - Balancing rods and guards are flush mounted to keep skid steers from catching and damaging the lockups.

EXL Lockups are Built to Last

SENECA understands that your lockups are an investment in your business and your future. That’s why we use only the finest heavy-duty galvanized steel tubing and incorporate standard features to ensure longevity.
The SENECA EXL Lockup is Built To Last!

ABOVE: Ergonomically designed yolk prevents swingarm binding.

LEFT: Offset double bushings minimize swingarm and bolt wear while eliminating cow neck sores from rubbing on the "T" bar.

EXL Specs and Sizes

The EXL Series lockups come in standard and adjustable models.

    • All Calf lockups are adjustable.
    • Heifer lockups are adjustable, unless specified as Post Bred lockups, which are standard.
    • Cow lockups come in both standard and adjustable.*

*Please note that Cow lockups will come standard unless adjustable locks are requested.

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