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The two most important features of a quality cattle waterer are the tank's longevity and its ability to consistantly provide fresh, clean water to your herd. Seneca Stainless Steel Tip tanks bring you the best in both categories!

  • Longevity - Our tanks are constructed of 100% stainless steel, with the exception of the polyethalene valve box cover, handle grip and poly bushings, which allow for easy operation. This equates to a watering trough that will not rust or corrode and will stand up to virtually any punnishment your cows can dish out.
  • Fresh, clean water - These well balanced tanks can be easily dumped with one hand and will automatically refill with fresh, clean water in less than 2 and 1/2 minutes.

Seneca Tip Tanks are constructed from heavy 14 ga. 304 Stainless Steel with 1/4" end plates. This provides added strength and allows us to make a 14' tank with a capacity of 133 gallons, the largest in the industry!



Backsplash Kit
Install a Seneca Tip Tank Backsplash Kit in areas where you need to protect behind the water trough, such as stalls or walkways. Backsplash accessories are made from the same food grade 304 stainless steel to ensure a long life. All mounting hardware is included. (Part numbers vary depending on tank size. See the tank specifications to the right for your tank's backsplash kit part number.)

Universal Waterguard Kit
Keeping your animals out of the water trough is crucial for their safety, water cleanliness and the well being of your equipment. Install a Seneca Universal Water Guard over your tip tank, or existing waterer to protect your investments. All mounting hardware is included. (Part #3W0100)

Jobe Frost Pro Kit
This manually operated device fits on the Jobe valve and allows a continuous flow of water through the valve to help prevent water from freezing in the valve and supply pipes. (Part #1W00730)

De-Icer Kit

If you are located in a cooler climate you may want to install a de-icer kit on your Tip Tank. This can be done any time after installation. (Part #3W00400)


12' Stainless Steel Tip Tank shown above

A stainless tip tank is a stainless tip tank, right? WRONG.
Many of our competitors use a low grade or 200 class stainless steel, which is high in carbon and will rust over time. Additionally, it is not meant to eat or drink from.

Seneca Dairy Systems uses 304 Food-Grade Stainless Steel to fabricate every steel piece of every tip tank waterer we build. Additionally, every tip tank goes through a specialized, final process to ensure our tanks maintain their high quality and grade for years to come.
You can feel confident in the good health and safety of your animals with a Seneca tip tank.

TANK SPECIFICATIONS     (select your tank size)

Part Number: 3W02200
Tank Length: 48"
Overall Length:
Including Hardware
Depth: 19"
Without Backsplash
Drinking Height: 21"
Tank Capacity: 38 gallons
Backsplash Kit:
NOTE: Part numbers vary
depending on tank size