TC-4 – Tech Data

Check the Product Exceptions Database BEFORE providing tech support from these documents.
A Product Exception is a Seneca product that was modified to suit an individual farmer's needs.


The TC-4 should be plugged into a regular 110v single phase receptacle outlet, using the supplied surge protector.

When the TC-4 is plugged in, it will automatically boot to the Master Home screen. (image 1.1) There will be a green light visible on the lower left corner of the screen bezel.

During the boot sequence, the TC4 will establish its IP address if connected to a Master Controller and will display the IP address and the MAC Addresses for the TC-4 and its PLC in the lower left corner of the Master Home Screen. (NOTE- if there is no MC-10 connected, there will be no IP address. The unit will only display the 2 MAC addresses.) Once boot is complete, the unit should display "Running" next to a blinking green light below the network addresses.

Com Error.

If you see a red light next to the words "Com Error" below the green light, unplug and reboot the TC-4 in an attempt to reconnect with the network. If the red light reappears, this would indicate a communication error for the PLC, and a call to Seneca Service is required to have a technician replace the PLC.