MC-10 – Tech Data

Check the Product Exceptions Database BEFORE providing tech support from these documents.
A Product Exception is a Seneca product that was modified to suit an individual farmer's needs.


The MC-10 should be plugged into a regular 110v single phase receptacle outlet, using the supplied surge protector.

When the MC-10 is plugged in, it will automatically boot to the Master Home screen. (image 1.1) There will be a green light visible on the lower left corner of the screen bezel.

During the boot sequence, the MC-10 will establish connections with any TC-4's and EC-16's connected to it via LAN, (Local Area Network) or Wired Connection. Additionally, the MC-10 will search for any Typhoon Power Fans connected wirelessly through its access point(s) Once boot is complete, the unit will display the number of fans it connected to in the lower right corner of the screen. If there are any TC-4's connected to the MC-10, a blue button will appear on the left that reads "Curtains". Additionally, if an EC-16 is present there will be a button identified as "Soakers Aux".