Lockups – EXP Series

Seneca designs and builds every product for Cow Comfort and longevity, maintaining the highest quality and standards in the industry. When you have a product that is made to last for decades, you have to be sure you get it right the first time.

To that end, Seneca poured extensive Research and Development into the creation of a new lockup that would represent the ultimate in cow comfort and also suit the needs of our customers; long into the future. In order to bring the Dairy Industry the very best in animal retention, we studied breeding trends and evolving physical characteristics of US dairy cows and listened to our customers to hear what they were looking for in the perfect lockup.

The result was the SENECA GEN3 Series Lockup, a heavy duty system packed with quality features that will maximize cow comfort today and provide unrivaled longevity well into the future.

GEN3 Series Lockup Features

  • Wider head opening
  • Whisper Quiet for calmer, happier cows
  • Fully encapsulated locking mechanism to protect users and avoid accidental release
  • Auto-returning swing arms
  • Individual Cow Retention Lock is on board so there are no pins to lose
  • Rugged, no maintenance, state-of-the-art Quick Release Handle for easy operation
  • Individual Selective Release feature
  • Hot Dip Galvanized AFTER fabrication
  • Optional adjustable bars on some models
  • 6 different sizes and configurations
  • Built with the same high quality standards you’ve come to expect from SENECA
  • Heavy duty design for greater longevity

The GEN3 Series lockup maximizes comfort with its larger, more inviting head opening. Once at the feed line, your cows will be more at ease with the whisper quiet return of the swing arm, thanks to the oversize rubber silencer on each arm. A heavy duty quick release handle and easy individual lock release will ensure a quick and stress free release, every time! Finally, a reinforcement sleeve on every swing arm will ensure smooth, like-new operation long after our competitor’s swing arms decay and fall off! The GEN3 series truly is the lockup for (long into) the future!

Over-sized rubber bumper on every swing arm for whisper quiet return.

Heavy Duty Quick Release Handle for easy,
no-maintenance use on long runs.

Individual cow retention lock has no pins. Lock and release mechanisms are fully encapsulated to avoid user injury or accidental animal release.

Swing arms are reinforced to ensure decades of use with extremely minimal wear.

Curious cows eat comfortably in this locked Standard Heifer GEN3 Series Lockup.


2 MODELS - 6 Different Sizes

The GEN3 Series Lockup comes in 2 models; Standard and XWE, which stands for X-tra Wide Entry. Both the Standard and XWE model frames are fabricated using heavy-duty Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG) 2”x2” 11ga square tubing and HDG 1-1/2” schedule 40 pipe. Both models also enjoy all of the great features listed to the right.

GEN3 Standard Line
Animal Sizing Chart
Mounting Specs
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